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From Page to Screen (July 2017)

The month of July has a few interesting movies in store for comedy, action and comic books fans. While I’m not familiar with the original works they are based on, except for friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, let’s hope the adaptations are hits and not misses.

From Page to Screen (June 2017)

Here’s to another month of books and movies!

While June usually means the coming of summer and plenty of sunshine, the movie adaptations hitting the big screen this month aren’t as cheerful. Stories of love and survival during World War II, a mysterious death in the family, and an assassin with a change of heart. Thank goodness for comic books!

From Page to Screen (May 2017)

If you don’t have young children or you’re not into young adult novels, the month of May could be a dud when it comes to movie adaptations. Normally, I like to propose 3 books that were made into movies but this month was…well, there was nothing else.

From Page to Screen (April 2017)

Here’s to another month of (hopefully) great movies based on successful novels. Luckily, they all hit theatres late April. That’s plenty of time to tackle one or two of the books before the premiere. Whether you like fiction novels or historical reads, you are definitely in for a treat this month.

The Books of Oscars 2017

It’s Oscars Weekend! Whether you tune into this awards night religiously every year or simply see the highlights on the internet the next morning, it’s THE biggest event of the year in the movie industry. Other than seeing the A-listers, what they are wearing and of course, the opening monologue, what I’m usually most excited about is to see which movie adaptations of books made the cut.

For the 89th Academy Awards, 5 movies out of the 9 nominated for Best Picture are adapted screenplays. You know what they say…never judge a book by its movie but sometimes, they actually get it right.