Kindle Oasis: My First Official E-Reader

Kindle Oasis“Welcome to the 21st century!” That’s how everyone responded when I told them I finally decided to get myself a Kindle Oasis. I think I resisted the idea of an e-reader for as long as I could because I just love the feeling of holding a book in my hands, the texture of its cover underneath my finger tips and the smell of the pages that swallow you whole in an unexpected and unforgettable journey. I felt like I would be betraying my love for hard copies if I went electronic.

So why the sudden change of heart? Why opt for an impersonal piece of technology instead? Aside from the lack of shelf space as I acquire more books day by day, I scream in terror (internally) when the corner of a book gets folded accidentally in my handbag or gets wet by sudden rain. An e-reader would solve most of my problems.

The Good
  1. It can contain thousands of books without taking more than 5.6″ x 4.8″ x 0.13-0.33″ of space.
  2. It easily fits in a purse.
  3. It weighs practically nothing at 131 g. Sure I can read on the Kindle app on my iPhone but it’s too small.
  4. Its light weight makes it comfortable to hold with one hand and to read for a longer period of time without a tired wrist.
  5. Definitions can be easily looked up when connected to Wi-Fi.
  6. E-books can be purchased instantly at a lower price compared to hard copies.
  7. It syncs with all devices with the Kindle app.
  8. Long battery life.
  9. Turning pages is made easy at a click of a button or gentle touch on the screen.
  10. NO MORE DAMAGED BOOKS! (Though scratches on the device can equally make me cringe.)
The Bad
  1. Monochrome. The artwork of the book covers can only be enjoyed in black and white on Kindle devices unlike its app for smartphones, tablets and PC/Mac.
  2. The highlighting feature is not as precise as on a smartphone or tablet.
  3. There is a small delay when the screen “wakes up.”
New Love?

After a month of reading on my Kindle Oasis everyday, I can positively say that I do not regret this investment. I still struggle when trying to highlight certain passages; either I’m unable to select all the text I want or too much is selected. However, it doesn’t ruin my whole experience. It’s so much more practical to carry it around. It’s light and doesn’t take too much space in my handbag. Sometimes, I even forget that I have it with me. On top of everything great about this gadget, the Kindle Oasis in particular comes with a charging cover which makes the battery life last even longer.

So far, I reserve e-book reading time when I’m not home and the good ol’ hard copy for before bedtime. I will still buy hard copies but only when they are worth it. That way, I won’t look too much like a book hoarder with piles of books everywhere. :P

Do you prefer reading an actual book or did e-readers steal your heart?


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